Our Mission: To get Everyone on the Planet to Try Phytoplankton Once

We believe that if everybody tried Phytoplankton once, hospitals would not be overwhelmed and the quality of people's lives would greatly increase. 

After witnessing countless life-changing results from Phytoplankton, our team dedicated their careers to this mission. This dedication has lifted Karen Phytoplankton to become the world's #1 Phytoplankton brand. 

Karen Phytoplankton is now available across North America online and in thousands of retail locations across Canada.

Why Karen?

The inspiration for Karen Phytoplankton came from Karen Anne Hunter (Dec
31, 1946 – Dec 29th, 1993). Karen Hunter was a nurse and team leader at
Maple Ridge Hospital in British Columbia, Canada.

We believe her untimely passing at 46 genuinely could have been prevented
by phytoplankton. Unfortunately, Karen left us, but her virtues are woven throughout our company