Karen Cares

Karen for Good Health is proud to give back to our communities & plant. See below some of the great causes we support.

Our customers and team are passionate about our furry friends. To date, we have donated over $5,000 in cash and $10,000 in product to animal shelters and rescues. 

Karen for Good Health sponsors both of Moncton’s semi-pro basketball teams, the Moncton Mystic’s Female Team and the Moncton Motion’s Mens Team! 

Other sports teams, leagues and associations are sponsored by Karen for Good Health

Bluenose Sponsor

Karen For Good Health is a proud sponsor of the Blue Nose Marathon. Known as ‘the people’s marathon’, is the signature event of Blue Nose. This event welcomes all ages, abilities and fitness levels traditionally occurring annually on Victoria Day weekend*. Blue Nose Marathon is a community based and volunteer-driven organization.

Do you have a cause or team in need of financial support? Contact us here to be considered for our Karen Cares initiative. 

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