Our Story

Blugenics Innovations Inc., the home of Karen for Good Health, was founded in 2015 by David Hunter after a decade of research, development, and regulatory processes to bring phytoplankton to people across North America.  

 The genesis of the phytoplankton as a health supplement began when David met Tom Harper, who had a shellfish farm and used phytoplankton to increase the size of his shellfish. David was hired to help with his business as Tom was dealing with a terminal disease. Tom began taking phytoplankton and eating it as a joke, and he miraculously recovered from his terminal illness, which made headlines in Nanaimo & Vancouver newspapers. This led to a huge demand for phytoplankton in the local area, and hundreds of people, including David, experienced life changing results. 

Tom’s Story in the Nanaimo Daily News

After Tom's retirement, David embarked on the phytoplankton revolution and formed Blugenics to provide people with access to safe & sustainable phytoplankton. David sourced a team of the world's leading algae scientists to scientifically prove the benefits of phytoplankton for humanity, which led to over 15,000 studies and clinical trials in progress. Through research, two unique strains of phytoplankton were discovered and formulated into human-grade ingredients.

David Hunter & Carlos Unamunzaga, head of Blugenics Science & Development and president of the European Algae Biomass Association

In Cadiz, Spain is Blugenics’ one-of-a-kind growing facility, where all Karen for Good Health products are grown. The facility safely isolates and cultivates phytoplankton at the highest safety standards and 100% sustainability. 

How We Grow

The first brand launched was "Karen for Good Health," named after David's late mother, Karen Hunter, and it has grown from a single pharmacy to distribution across North America and a massive online subscription base.  Shop now to experience the benefits of phytoplankton for good health! 

One of our goals at Karen is to make phytoplankton affordable to everyone. We achieve this primary through offering reoccurring subscription programs and different products at different costs. Not sure what product is right for you?

 Blugenics Innovations Inc. is the parent company of Karen for Good Health, a team of dedicated professionals with a mission to educate people on the benefits of phytoplankton and help them choose the right product to achieve their personal health goals. Our team operates across the East and West coasts, with our headquarters located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. All our staff members are based in Canada, except for the scientists at our growing facility in Spain. 

We cultivate our phytoplankton in Europe, where the climate conditions allow for more growing seasons. This ensures availability for everyone.  Our team also is proud to give back to the communities we live & work in, as well as our planet.

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Karen for Good Health also strives to keep our products affordable for everyone. To achieve this goal, we offer recurring subscription programs and various products at different price points. If you're unsure which product is right for you, our team is always here to help.