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Our mission is to introduce
the world to the health benefits
of phytoplankton and be the
trusted brand that always
leads with the heart first.

Karen was actually a real person. She was the Head Nurse of Maple Ridge Hospital in B.C. She passed away in 1998 at 46 years of age from brain cancer.  When she was alive she struggled with a multitude of health issues ranging from thyroid issues, inflammation, headaches, and fatigue.

Karen was surrounded by an excellent staff of doctors and other Health Professionals.   Why did she live a life of health issues?

Karen to us is a perfect metaphor for the struggles of many North Americans.  We are continuously surprised by how many people are struggling with hospital visits related to a multitude of health issues. Why is this happening?

Even though Karen was a nurse and a professional Health Care worker, she did not have any knowledge of “Nutrition”.  The building block of human existence and the root of our fuel.

Karen’s family diet was loaded with high sugar, high salt, and high carb processed food.   There was no emphasis on nutritional balance for the main reason she was ignorant to it….and that’s no one’s fault. It’s up to each and every one of us to understand nutrition. You may be ignorant about nutrition, but your body isn’t, and long-term unbalanced lack of nutrition will result in problems.  It’s the immovable law of cause and effect.

The discovery that became Karen Marine Phytoplankton began its journey in 2006. When it was witnessed by David Hunter who was Karen’s son, that people who ate Marine Phytoplankton had “unexplained” health benefits shortly after eating Marine Phytoplankton.   

David had life-changing health improvements with migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, and sinus drip within a week of eating Marine Phytoplankton.  Adding to the excitement was all the other people coming forward with the same stories. It came to a point where this was no random event and the excitement turned into determination to commercialize pure Marine Phytoplankton for the people.

The Karen project was born which in its essence is simple.

“To have as many people experience what it’s like to have the absolute root of all nutrition, and let the results take shape into what is supposed to happen.”

It took 8 years from 2006 to commercialize pure Marine Phytoplankton and create what is now the Karen brand. The registration with the Health Authorities took longer than most other projects for the simple fact that Marine Phytoplankton for human consumption was never documented and all the necessary safety dossiers had to be created from scratch….. no easy undertaking.

Fast forward to 2014 and Karen Marine Phytoplankton came literally came into the nutrition scene in a big way because of a well-known Pharmacist with a lifelong struggle of Acid Reflux was tamed at a Super Bowl Party where Acid Reflux hangs out with the chips, pop, chicken wings and nachos. This Super Bowl house party which convinced the pharmacist there is something to the Phytoplankton spread to other pharmacists and then to other pharmacists and after a few short years, Karen is the #1 seller in many major pharmacy chains.

Karen Phytoplankton is also being recognized and known by industry professionals in the business for decades as having the strongest product reviews in the history of the Natural Health Industry!

If you scroll through the website you will easily see a taste of the reviews that came back to Karen.   Take a look for yourself and ask yourself when you have seen anything like this. Do these results happen to everyone? No, of course not; but if you see the unbiased reviews you can see it happens to the majority and we hope you have this experience because if your body responds to the nutrition in Phytoplankton it’s a real gift.

The Karen project has now crossed the border into the USA with indication specific products targeted to the health challenges. Karen is now also partnering with well-known doctors who want to formulate their own products with Phytoplankton and other health companies that are watching what is going on.  

It’s only a matter of time before Karen becomes a household name.   Many have said the discovery of Phytoplankton for human nutrition maybe as substantial as the birth of the Internet. It might not be that substantial, but because of the reviews of the customers we aren’t going to rule it out.

“The trace elements in Karen® give people the needed nutrition.

It’s that simple,
nutrition is the key.”
— Alan Glasser, Pharmacist

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