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Karen Heartburn Formula

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Karen Phytoplankton Heartburn Relief – Using the origin of ocean nutrition and other powerhouse ingredients to create an all natural – nutritious – blockbuster Heartburn Relief Product.

Karen understands that suffering from Heartburn is not fun. Thousands of Canadians have discovered Karen Phytoplankton and Karen is a blockbuster product in Pharmacies and Health Food Stores in Canada. A high percentage are reporting relief from a multitude of stomach issues anecdotally. Karen Heartburn Relief takes the power of the ocean’s original nutrient combined with other proven ingredients to create a product that we feel will end your journey on finding relief. Give Karen Heartburn Relief a try for 30 days and let everyone know who suffers from this ailment how you made out so we can help others.

  • Karen Phytoplankton – Used successfully by tens of thousands of Canadians. Karen Phytoplankton is breaking sales records in pharmacies and health food stores for over 4 years and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.  Phytoplankton is naturally alkaline because it comes from the ocean whose Ph is 8. Phytoplankton is microscopic and anecdotally it is showing to absorb even through an inflamed stomach.
  • What Is Phytoplankton – Phytoplankton is the origin of all life, food and nutrition in the ocean. The rays of the sun penetrate the surface of the ocean and these plants are formed. Phytoplankton is the only plant that supports an entire ecosystem, it also delivers up to 70% of all oxygen and is considered the planet’s “Most Important Plant” by NASA. Phytoplankton has over 75 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
  • Partnering With Other Ingredients To Produce A Breakthrough Product – All other ingredients in the Karen Heartburn Relief are clinically proven to provide relief and protect your stomach. We want to dive into the root cause this is happening. Obviously, there is an imbalance or you wouldn’t be here. Let’s nourish your stomach and protect it. We are excited for you to try this for 30 days and let’s see if we can get to the root of the problem together
  • About Karen – Karen Phytoplankton is a breakout product that is a massive success in Canada. It is one of the fastest growing brands in Pharmacies and Health Food Stores in Canada, has over 30,000 Facebook followers and is known as the “Customer Review Champion”. Karen also enjoys a 37.4% of people re-order more than 5 times. This tells you something positive is going on.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules after meals up to 5 capsules daily

Contains: 60-capsules

FREE 8.8 fl. oz. Karen® Moisturizing Lotion with every purchase

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Supplement Facts

Using patented nutrition technologies this formula was designed to provide sustained antacid and soothing effects – to coat and shield the esophagus and digestive tract lining while nourishing and alkalizing the body with phytoplankton and Alkaplex to reduce overall body acidity.

  • Mucosave – This proprietary botanical extract works as a sort of shield and barrier to sooth the digestive tract while promoting symptom relief and potential healing. Preliminary European clinical trials are showing strong therapeutic benefits for improving quality of life and symptom management for GERD sufferers
  • Alkaplex– Unique patented mineral alkalizing technology sustains a longer acid reducing effect in the digestive tract, which means longer antacid effects. Comparative trials have shown that this complex provides up to 5 times more alkalizing effects verses many over the counter antacids.
  • Apple Pectin– Strong water-soluble fiber to create a strong barrier to prevent reflux events from backing up into the esophagus, thus working in synergy with the shield properties of the Mucosave for even better relief.
  • Phytoplankton– The ultimate in cellular nutrition support super-rich in chlorophyll and naturally occurring alkalizing minerals to further improve alkaline nutrition in support of better digestive wellness.

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