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Karen Marine Phytoplankton


Karen Phytoplankton Pure Capsules – Grown in real seawater (Opposed to artificial seawater in a greenhouse)  Not stretched.  Strong track record in Pharmacies & Health Food Stores.

Looking for Phytoplankton?  Here’s why you need to try Karen. Karen is the only brand in Canada in Pharmacies (and it’s a number one seller).  Karen is pure powder grown in real seawater.  Cheaper brands grow in artificial seawater or it’s stretched. Karen is used by NHL players, professional soccer players, professional cyclists, pharmacists, doctors, tens of thousands of Canadians and now breaking into the USA at an amazing pace.  Karen has over 30,000 Facebook followers and the customer reviews are well documented (reviews so good we can’t even tell you about it) It’s actually no contest, Karen is the brand that sets the bar.

  • Karen Phytoplankton – Used successfully by tens of thousands of Canadians.   Karen Phytoplankton is breaking sales records in pharmacies and health food stores for over 4 years and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.  There are many reports on our Facebook page that has 30,000 followers who are documenting their life-changing stories. It’s so good it has the ability to re-write nutrition.
  • What Is Phytoplankton – Phytoplankton is the origin of all life, food and nutrition in the ocean. The rays of the sun penetrate the surface of the ocean and these plants are formed.   Phytoplankton is the only plant that supports an entire ecosystem, it also delivers up to 70% of all oxygen and is considered the planet’s “Most Important Plant” by NASA.   Phytoplankton has over 75 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
  • Why Such High Level Anecdotal Reviews? If someone is suffering from anything is it because they are malnourished in an area?  If the body receives nutrients that it is missing can it heal itself and/or reboot the immune system?
  • Patented Phytoplankton – This product contains TetraSOD. A phytoplankton that was put to the test with the Spanish National Soccer Team.   Here are the results #1 Significant increase in hemoglobin. #2 – Decrease in hematocrit #3 – Decrease in saturated fats 16:0 and 18:0 in the peripheral area and in erythrocytes. #4 – Decrease in pain and stiffness during anaerobic exercise, improving physical recovery. #5 – Decrease of lipid per-oxidation showing the antioxidant capacity; reducing the effects of oxidative stress.
  • About Karen – Karen Phytoplankton is a breakout product that is a massive success in Canada. It is one of the fastest growing brands in Pharmacies and Health Food Stores in Canada, has over 30,000 Facebook followers and is known as the “Customer Review Champion”  Karen also enjoys a 37.4% of people re-order more than 5 times.  This tells you something positive is going on.

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Supplement Facts

Nutritionists and health enthusiasts truly appreciate all that Karen Phytoplankton Gaditae has to offer. It’s considered to be the king of the superfoods simply due to its impressive nutritional profile, its rich source of EPA omega 3 fatty acids, its lean protein content, its significant vitamin B12 levels and its high antioxidant profile. It is the essence of achieving more balanced nutrition with the sensible use of a superfood supplement that is considered the origin of the food chain.

Key Features of Karen Phytoplankton Gaditae: 

  • Grown in state of the art facility under the highest levels of food safety standards
  • Not harvested from the ocean, ensuring sustainability and safety from contaminants
  • Origin of the food chain complete in nutrition, with over 75 nutrients
  • Rich source of lean, complete protein
  • Only plant food rich in the active omega 3 fat EPA, providing 8000 mg EPA/100gram
  • Only plant source of vegan vitamin B12
  • Provides 2.5 mg of dietary iron per gram
  • High antioxidant ORAC level of 9500TE umol/100g (close to twice the amount of select strains of Spirulina)
  • Source of naturally occurring superoxide dismutase (SOD)
  • Healthy ratio of macro-nutrients supporting more sustained blood sugar levels and energy
  • Karen Phytoplankton Gaditae provides only pure high-quality nutrient-dense phytoplankton with each dose, providing up to 40 times more phytoplankton compared with leading competitors. This equates to 40 times more nutritional support.

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