Karen® Powder + Karen® Moisturizing Lotion Bundle

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Nourish Your Body
Nourish your body and maintain good health with the power of Karen® Powder. This 100% natural phytoplankton powder is packed with nutrients. It’s perfect for first thing in the morning mixed with water, your favourite juice, yogurt, apple sauce or to give your smoothie a boost.

Plant-based, 100% natural vegan, and certified allergy-free.

Nourish Your Skin
Your skin will feel smoother and more hydrated than ever before, thanks to the power of phytoplankton. Containing the most powerful marine based extract, Karen® Moisturizing Lotion provides intense hydration while repairing and nourishing your skin. Its unique formula is an excellent antioxidant and hydrating agent that increases skin elasticity and enhances skin regeneration.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben free
  • Animal-cruelty free
Additional information

Additional information


15g Powder + 100ml Lotion, 50g Powder + 100ml Lotion


Karen Phytoplankton

Directions & Dosage

Karen® Powder: Minimum dosage of ½ scoop per day

Karen® Moisturizing Lotion is perfect your whole body and can be used on:

  • Legs
  • Feet and heels
  • Before or after a day at work on your hands
  • Places where you have wrinkles
  • Stubborn skin conditions that you have tried everything else on
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  1. Mary G.

    I started taking Karen Marine phytoplankton three weeks ago. The taste is not great but palatable in water. Within the first week I noticed an increased level of energy, mental clarity and overall wellness. I do not feel as tired and have less joint pain and muscle stiffness, especially noticeable in the morning. I believe that I am only beginning to see the most obvious benefits of using this natural product and that there are many less visible benefits occurring as well. I am also using the Karen lotion and absolutely love this product for my face, hands and feet.

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