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Phytoplankton Lotion – Karen®


Karen Phytoplankton Dermo Cosmetic Lotion – Only lotion in the world with Phytoplankton – Never seen before results – Check out the BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS.

So you have a skin condition.  We don’t need to name them because they are all pain.   What you need to know is that Phytoplankton is the origin of all nutrition and when it is absorbed into your skin, amazing things happen.  Clinical Trials have proved it, but beyond the lab, real people with pain in the butt skin conditions are finding relief.   Just look at the before and after photos.   Need we say more?

We are excited to offer the people of the USA our Phytoplankton Lotion.   With all these steroids and high priced creams going around you think after 2018 years something would be working.  We are excited for you to try this lotion.   Please make sure to take a photo before your first application.   Let’s help others.

Make sure you don’t put it directly on an open sore, but rather put it around the parameter.   If it stings a bit, let it ride out…it’ll go away.   If you are using this on a child or have ultra sensitive skin, just try a small amount first.  This is a very active formula.  Many skin issues are manifestations of something internal.  If you want to tackle this issue inside an out you might want to look at the Karen Phytoplankton Pure Capsules.  We are super happy you are here and hope that you put Karen to the test on your skin issue.

  • Clinical Trial Results – Antioxidant Enhancement, Anti Inflammatory, Hydration, Cell Proliferation and Angiogenesis, Wound Healing, Modulator Of Apoptosis Pathway (regulator of cell death), Anti Wrinkle, Improvement Of Aging & Spots and Pigmentation, Anti Cellulite. 85% Reported Improvement Of Quality Of Life, 95% Improvement Of Xerosis Skin, 70% Reductions Of Lesions, 90% Itching or Pruritus Disappeared, 85% Reduction In Severity Of Lesions.
  • Karen Phytoplankton – Used successfully by tens of thousands of Canadians. Karen Phytoplankton is breaking sales records in pharmacies and health food stores for over 4 years and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. There are many reports on our Facebook page that has 30,000 followers who are documenting their life-changing stories. It’s so good it has the ability to re-write nutrition.
  • What Is Phytoplankton – Phytoplankton is the origin of all life, food and nutrition in the ocean. The rays of the sun penetrate the surface of the ocean and these plants are formed. Phytoplankton is the only plant that supports an entire ecosystem, it also delivers up to 70% of all oxygen and is considered the planet’s “Most Important Plant” by NASA. Phytoplankton has over 75 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
  • About Karen – Karen Phytoplankton is a breakout product that is a massive success in Canada. It is one of the fastest growing brands in Pharmacies and Health Food Stores in Canada, having over 30,000 Facebook followers and is known as the “Customer Review Champion” Karen also enjoys a 37.4% of people re-order more than 5 times. This tells you something positive is going on. 

Application: Apply 1-4 times a day. Do not put on open sores.  Children and Sensitive Skin; apply on a small area first.

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