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Nourish your body and maintain good health with the power of Karen® Powder. This 100% natural phytoplankton powder is packed with 75+ nutrients. It’s perfect for first thing in the morning mixed with water, your favourite juice, yogurt, apple sauce or to give your smoothie a boost.

Plant-based, 100% natural vegan, and certified allergy-free.

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Additional information


Karen Phytoplankton

Directions & Dosage

Minimum dosage of ½ scoop per day


My Karen story started two years ago when I was seeking a health supplement to decrease my fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis symptoms. Karen phytoplankton helps my body in so many ways. This green nutritional product clears away my brain fog, balances my blood sugar spikes, eliminates arthritic pain in my hands, helps reduce irritable bowel symptoms and stabilizes my neurological system. It especially gives me energy to get through the days. My body requires this product as part of my daily supplemental intake.

Cheryl MacLaggan, Moncton, NB

Reviews (5)
  1. Tammy S.

    I picked up a 30 Day supply of Karen on Monday this week and started that day. I am so thrilled with the results so far! I had read a lot of reviews ahead of time so mixed it with a small glass of OJ one day and tried it in a shotglass another day. It was tasteless with the OJ and only the slightest taste with the shot glass. I just slept completely through the night last night! That was after just 3 doses of it. I can’t wait to see how other things improve as time goes on!

  2. Beth B.

    I take the powder daily and have been for 2 years now. Find it very beneficial in helping with the soreness associated with fibro. I just bought on line for the first time. Put my order in on Friday and it was delivered on Monday.Excellent service!
    I also purchased their cosmetic cream in hopes that it will help my very dry lips. Cream is very smooth and silky.

  3. Judy C.

    Phytoplankton Rocks!
    Well I am loving and I now have my husband taking it too, we do feel more energy and yes I am sleeping almost all night now. No more tossing and turning, plus my acid reflux seems to be cured…no more prescription pills.

  4. Cheryl H.

    It’s like my body is saying “Thank You”
    After a little over a week I’m feeling the effects of Karen. It’s like my body is saying “Thank You!” This is just what I needed to help me feel good and alive. More energy, although I’m also feeling the effects of detoxing. That’s a good thing because I know it’s working. I’m looking forward to what the following days, weeks and beyond will feel like. How exciting to have a product that’s as natural as Marine Phytoplankton. I’d recommend it to anyone for sure. It might taste awful but it works 🙂 Awesome customer service too. Thanks.

  5. Sue Lane Verified Reviewer

    I have taken these products for 2 months now and it makes a difference for my total health. I have more energy and my skin looks healthier and has no trouble going to sleep.

  6. Verified Reviewer

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, we are so happy to hear that! 🙂

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