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Nourish your body and maintain good health with the power of Karen® Powder. This 100% natural phytoplankton powder is packed with 75+ nutrients. It’s perfect for first thing in the morning mixed with water, your favourite juice, yogurt, apple sauce or to give your smoothie a boost.

Plant-based, 100% natural vegan, and certified allergy-free.

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Additional information


Karen Phytoplankton

Directions & Dosage

Minimum dosage of ½ scoop per day

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  1. Julie V.

    I started Karen Marine Phytoplankton for health reasons and even though I am still young, due to a herniated disc in my back and other issues, have always had very high inflammatory readings in my blood work. I am so excited to say the Drs were surprised to see in my last blood work only a few days ago my inflammation in my blood was down to 0. I certainly feel this product has tremendously helped with that reading. I am so grateful and will be a customer for life! It has also helped me continue with my weight loss journey and given me more energy and less pain to swim and walk. SO thankful for this product!

  2. Cheryl H.

    After a little over a week I’m feeling the effects of Karen. Its like my body is saying “Thank You!” This is just what I needed to help me feel good and alive. More energy, although I’m also feeling the effects of detoxing. That’s a good thing because I know its working. I’m looking forward to what the following days, weeks and beyond will feel like. How exciting to have a product that’s as natural as Marine Phytoplankton. I’d recommend it to anyone for sure. It might taste aweful but it works 🙂 Awesome customer service too. Thanks

  3. Gina H.

    Amazing in so many ways!
    I have been using Karen since August 2015 and the benefits have been amazing in so many ways! My mom started a few months ago based on my recommendation and she can’t get over the energy change for her.

  4. Joanne S.

    I started using karen marine phytoplankton last year i used it for awhile than stopped. Silly me. Ive been using it now for over 2 months religiously and I’m so amazed with its health benefits it’s just a life saver. Ive had IBS with constipation since I was a young teenager and the bloating and rectal pain was so bad it was beyond words. I had intestinal pain and lower back pain and my bowel movements were so bad and painful i had to stop and start and it felt like I was getting ripped from the inside out. Since using karen I no longer have bloating or lower back pain or the painful bowel movement. My stools are soft to me normal, pain free and today so far I’ve gone twice in one day. My bowel movement today amazed me at how much I went mostly the first time. I thought that something that long came out of me. It’s like WOW. And I can actually feel it moving through my intestines instead of all that twisting spasmatic pain I’m so used to having. So needless to say I’m one happy camper and owe this all to KAREN MARINE PHYTOPLANKTON. And if you have IBS THIS PRODUCT IS A MUST HAVE.

  5. Edna A.

    Feel terrific!
    I’ve used the Karen Phytoplankton Powder for over a year. I have more energy, every day, all day. I credit the phytoplankton for this change in my life, although I also eat the most wholesome foods I can find in today’s market. I’ll soon be 68 and feel better than when I was 40 years old. Always purchase the 50g box.

  6. Marlene Sanders Verified Reviewer

    I sprinkle this product on cereal & main meals. If I sprinkle on a hot meal, _”will the effect be the same? “I am on my 2nd week. Purchased 50g. I know I am detoxing. The smell reminds me of the Queen Charlotte Islands where I lived for a few years..

  7. Verified Reviewer

    Hi Marlene, thank you so much for reaching out to us. You will want to avoid sprinkling the powder on hot foods and our plankton is sensitive to heat which may cause it to lose effectiveness. Room temp or cold temp foods are best. I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions. Kind regards, Kelly

  8. lucyberube Verified Reviewer

    Is it ok to take only on e scoop a day?

  9. Verified Reviewer

    Hi Lucy, thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, you can take 2 level scoops daily if wanted or needed for additional nutritional & immune system support for the daily maximum of 1000mg.
    Additional servings can be taken at the same time or split up through the day. Hope this helps, please do let us know if you have any further questions.

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