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Enjoy a convenient and economical way to take your Karen® Phytoplankton. These tablets are a perfect way to get the 75+ nutrients of phytoplankton for people who are not a fan of the taste of the pure powder. They’re great for first thing in the morning or to take with you when you’re on the go.

  • Plant-based, 100% natural, and certified allergy-free.
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Additional information


Karen Phytoplankton

Directions & Dosage

Take once per day (up to four times per day)


“My name is Dorothy Deveau and I am 55 years old. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was on medication for both. However, since starting Karen I no longer have to take high blood pressure pills and my cholesterol pills are a lot lower than ever before. I also suffer from inflammation due to Arthritis, after taking Karen for the first month I found the pain was much more bearable and the inflammation is down. As a result of this I also sleep much better at night. A couple of months ago I went off Karen as I could not afford it, during that time period I felt more pain than I had in a while and felt so much better when I got back on them. I am currently taking two pills per day and have never felt better. I am one happy customer.”

Dorothy Deveau, Salmon River, NS

Reviews (8)
  1. Annette R.

    I won’t ever stop taking this!
    I have experienced better sleep, more energy, less aches and pains in my joints, my afternoon brain fog is gone, and I have many family members who are experiencing so many other benefits. I won’t ever stop taking this!

  2. Gina H.

    I’m in love!
    I can’t believe how much this has improved my energy and my sleep. I will take this the rest of my life… I’m in love.

  3. Luther H.

    Love Karen Phytoplankton! Energy levels ++++
    We started taking Karen Phytoplankton this winter. Between running a business, children, renovations and the short winter days, I was drained. I noticed an almost immediate increase in my energy levels and cognitive function. Highly recommend, great value!

  4. Donna M.

    I tried Karen tablets last year and also recomended it to a friend who had surgery for broken bones in her hand. We both felt better mentally right away. Before long she was released from physio due to rapid healing and was able to return to work as a hair stylist!! I had trigger finger which healed up before I even got my appointment with the hand surgeon!! I was in a motorcycle accident previous to all of this and was living in daily pain. I didn’t even realize the difference in my pain level until I stopped taking it. I decided this coming year will be the year I feel great again so I picked up a bottle of powder and started on it again. I was taking the half scoop 2x a day for the past week with some results. Today I decided to take a full scoop at once and within 20 min I felt a huge surge in my mental clarity and body pain was drastically reduced! I have chronic constipation which does not help when the body is inflamed and not long after taking the larger does I was in the bathroom. My eyesight is blurry, I am prediabetic, I have pain and inflammation, arthritis, and had broken ribs, torn AC joint and spinal fractures from my accident. All of these symptoms seem to be lessened when I take KMP. I’ll be taking this product forever now and have faith that over time these health concerns will be a thing of the past. I will also be using the online store for future purchases and plan to never run out of this product!! Thank you.

  5. Megan H.

    My mom heard about this product online and really wanted me to give it a shot. I have been suffering with daily headaches for quite some time, dizzy spells for 5 years, sleeping issues and overall tiredness day after day. Also I was having floaters in my vision and my eyes were always blurry in the early morning for about 10 minutes. So she bought a pack of 30 tabs, took half home and gave me half. I took 2 a day, and noticed a difference right away. Increased energy was the 1st thing. Then about 4 days later my headaches went away and I was sleeping more soundly. I cant remember exactly when the blurry vison stopped, but it did.
    Then I ran out, called her about 2 or 3 days later and said “guess what… I feel aweful” , “I bet you that stuff was working !! “. She gave me the other sheet of tablets … I started taking them again and by day 2 things were looking up again ! I love this product and reccomend people just “give it a shot” what do you have to loose !! …
    side question, should I still be taking my multi vitamin as well ? Does anyone know ? I have looked all over the internet and can’t find a definitive ansewr.
    Thanks Karen !! This stuff Rocks ! True game changer !

  6. Carol Ann Hatheway

    I have been taking the tablets for over 3 months and I see a big difference in my energy, digestion and overall well being. I’m going to continue especially, now that they offer deals. Company employees are there to help and very friendly. Always has your best interest.

  7. Deborah Loggie

    We only tried once& loved it but was too expensive then

  8. kelly@blugenics.com

    Hi Deborah, thank you so much for your feedback, we hope you are finding the current sale pricing to be of benefit budget wise. If you may not see sale pricing listed online in the future, please do give us a call to place your order so we can help with some great savings. Customer service 1 844 807 0245 🙂

  9. Pat

    I haven’t tried this yet, but after watching Karen’s video as well as having seen the ads for some time, I feel like giving it a try. I have several health issues and take a fair bit of medication for heart failure. Are there interaction concerns with any medications? I have IBS (mixed type) and it’s impacted and constricted my life completely. I’ve had all the tests, been on many hopeful medications that haven’t worked and have seen many specialists. I’m even trying medical anal plugs now and I’m enrolled in a new clinical trial (no medication).

  10. kelly@blugenics.com

    Hi Pat, thank you for reaching out to us. We would recommend to have a chat with your doctor first prior to starting as you are noting some serious health issues and your doctor will be able to guide you the best as to safety of use & your medical history. Our powder & tablets are taken daily as a whole food supplement and are very neutral in use with no negative interactions reported to us. They are great products for the promotion of heart, brain & gut health with many additional benefits being reported & well being restoring. Our powder form of KP tends to be the best choice when gut health issues are present as you can adjust the daily amount easily as well it is the best choice for the quickest absorption level. If you get the green light to try our products please do reach out to us first prior to starting as we can provide you with some helpful tips on how to get started that will allow for an easier adjustment to a new food where gut health issues are present. For your medications it would also be a good idea to review any food interactions that are noted in relation to leafy greens or similar veggies, this is most commonly found with blood thinners but worth noting to be sure. You will also want to look into any separation times that may be needed between your medications & supplements to ensure your medications absorb as needed. Here is a helpful link to look over & to share for feedback https://thekarenproject.com/learn/benefits/ To speak with us directly, call 1 844 807 0245 Let us know if we can help further 🙂

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