Nutrition in its natural occurring, non engineered form

Phytoplankton is where plant life and nutrition start.

Phytoplankton is the result of the ultimate genesis – sunlight and seawater. When these two meet, their synthesis produces the purest form of nutritional components, phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are single-celled, aquatic micro organisms (plants), that float in the upper layers of the oceans. They are the foundation of the oceanic food chain.

Zooplankton (krill and shrimp) eat the phytoplankton as well as countless other fish (including whales, who live to over 100 years and are the size of school buses) get their nutrition from the zooplankton who eat the phytoplankton.

Even though smaller than red blood cells, phytoplankton are rich in nutrients and some may even say it’s a superfood.

Karen® is made with 100% pure phytoplankton. It is a one ingredient product, all nutrients beneficial to your health are naturally occurring in Karen® Phytoplankton. There is no engineering and manufacturing of synthetic or artificial nutrients involved. Karen® contains Zeaxanthin, an antioxidant, essential to your health as well as Beta-Carotene.

Antioxidants are all those elements that have the function to eliminate free radicals and oxidative stress from our bodies. Free radicals are produced as a result of cellular oxidation. When the number of free radicals increases and becomes unstable, negative results in our body appear. These negative results occur because the free radicals alter the cell’s DNA, preventing cell renewal or changing its normal operation function. Immune functions change in a similar fashion in hypertension and aging. This results in antioxidants having a positive affect on your mood.

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Years of research and development.

Years of research and development.

It might seem like Karen® Phytoplankton came out of nowhere. The truth is, there are years of research behind us – and years of research still ahead of us. The potential of this microscopic plant is humungous and it feels like we are just on the tip of the iceberg.

Karen® Phytoplankton is made with 100% pure phytoplankton of the strain Gaditae™. The growing process of Gaditae™ takes place under highest levels of food safety standards in a state of the art facility in Cadiz, Spain. The strain has been discovered and chosen because of its nutritional profile.

Gaditae™ has over 75 essential nutrients in a naturally occurring form and composition. We are only at the beginning of researching and licensing the benefits with Health Canada to be able to bring those benefits to you.

Gaditae™ was first discovered by Team Canada in 2006. Team Spain had the technology and processes to maximize the nutritional components of what was to become Karen®. The two teams came together and incorporated Blugenics Innovations Inc. in small town Sackville, New Brunswick to spread the message of Karen® for good health and deliver a consistent product using trade secrets and highest food safety standards.

Fast. Easy. Convenient.

If you tried Karen® Phytoplankton before, you will agree that it has a distinct taste, a flavour of the sea. Not everybody likes this flavour. That’s why we listened to our customers and developed Karen® in a pill form. After 2 years of product development we were happy to be able to bring our tablets to market in the fall of 2016.

Karen® tablets have exactly the same amount of phytoplankton in them, it is the same 100% pure and natural phytoplankton. In order to be able to deliver a pill, we had to ad some “technical Ingredients”. Binders had to be added to make it bind to a pill and coating had to be added in order for easy swallowing.

Tap into the power of this ancient super food. Give Karen® a try today. Your body will celebrate.