Poaching in fat at a low temperature between 60 C and 90 C. In this case, confit in a vacuum bag together with the Plancton Marino Veta la Palma and the exact quantity of fat required. Close the bag and cook in the Roner thermostat at 70 C. In this way all the aromas and flavors will be more highly concentrated.


PREPARATION TIME: 20 min. + cooling.

INGREDIENTS: 100g monkfish liver, 0,5g Plancton Marino Veta la Palma, 1 spoon of water, 5g olive oil, 1g icing sugar, 2g salt.

Soak the liver in ice water to remove the blood, strain, and place in a vacuum bag with the plankton which has been previously hydrated with the water, sugar, salt and olive oil. Place the bag in water at 10 C for 5 minutes. Open the bag, pass the liver through a sieve to remove any veins, make a roll and allow to cool. Once cooled, coat the roll of monkfish foie in plankton powder (optional).

NOTES: If duck or goose liver is used instead of monkfish liver, do not add oil as these livers have sufficient fat to confit in their own fat.