Plankton is added to a recipe in order to obtain a crispy product with a tasty flavor of the sea through the dehydration technique, exposing the product to temperatures of 70 ºC – 80 ºC of dry heat, until the total or partial removal of its water content.


PREPARATION TIME: 30 min + dehydration time

INGREDIENTS: 180 g boiled potatoes, 3.6 g plankton, 4 g salt, 12 g water used for cooking potatoes (cooled) Boil the potatoes, strain and pass through a food mill. Add the plankton which has previously been hydrated with the water used to cook the potatoes and salt. Mix well and place between two silicone tiles, flatten with a rolling pin until as thin as possible. Place in the oven at 80 ºC until it is completely dry. Cut into portions and fry for a few seconds, strain.

NOTES: Other root vegetables or green vegetables may be used instead of potatoes.