Practice. Recover. Compete. Recover. Repeat.

All athletes have one thing in common
they need to recover.

Karen® Phytoplankton is being recognized by athletes for its health benefits and its ability to help them recover faster.

Professional and Amateur Runners, Football Players, Hockey Players, University Athletes, Soccer Players, Bodybuilders, Martial Artists, Tennis Players, Golfers are all united with the benefits of taking Karen® Phytoplankton.

“After the first week taking Karen Phytoplankton, I noticed an energy improvement. After the second week I noticed a dramatically increased recovery time after a long run. I had run 40k, which would be my peak run in that training period. That would normally take a long recovery, but, it only took me one day. I noticed much less muscle soreness in this period. I also experienced an overall sense of well-being, as noted by other people using the product. People at work have asked me ‘what are you on!?! Ha ha’. I don’t mind paying for the Karen product because I SEE the results.”

Scott Brown – Marathon Runner

“I train 4 days a week and during the weekends, I usually go out for a long run in the mountains. I love being in the mountains, It’s an amazing experience to be able to run up the hills, get to the summit and then, come down by your own means, like an animal.

Two years ago I started to use Karen Phytoplankton as a complementary source of vitamins, minerals, vegetal protein and above all, antioxidant.

My recoveries are quicker since I use Karen Phytoplankton. I also notice that the anti-inflammatory effects helps me with muscle pains. And when I go out for a long run or a long distance race, I take Karen Phytoplankton before the race so that my body starts the recovery during the race, and it works. I feel much better during the race and get better performance.

I am 44 now and I feel myself full of energy. Most of my friends say I am crazy and that my body will break soon. The thing is that I am happy with the life I have and I will continue pushing hard as long as I can.”

Pedro Á. Bretones – Ultra Marathon Runner

Is there any coincidence Karen’s soccer team does so well?

Summer 2016: Playoff Champions
Spring Co-Ed 2016: League Winners + Playoff Champions
Spring Co-Ed 2015: League Winners + Playoff Champions
Winter 2015: League Champions + Playoff Champions
Summer 2014: League Winners (2nd in playoff final)
Winter 2014: League Winners (2nd in playoff final)
Summer 2013: League Winners (2nd in playoff final)
Winter 2013: Playoff Champions

“I train 4 days a week and during the weekends, I usually go out for a long run in the mountains. I love being in the mountains, It’s “Returning to Atlantic University Sport (AUS) competition at 29 years old this past season was a challenge. My body wasn’t recovering as quickly as it did when I first joined the league in 2006. I was attracted to Karen because it was natural and simple. By adding just a small amount into my diet each day my recovery period became manageable and allowed me to get the most out of training while still being in top form for game day. And though I can’t say for certain the cause to the effect, I do know that just a week after using it a more than one year nagging injury in my sternum was finally relieved. Karen was the only thing that changed in my diet and routine… it was enough for me to be convinced that at the very least this was healthy for me, and at best it was a miracle food.”

Curtis Michaelis – Soccer Player

Quinn Everett struck fear into all his opponents with his ominous presence while being on the University Football team in Sackville, New Brunswick. Quinn not only used Karen Phytoplankton for the energy and recovery, but also felt Karen was a great tool to give focus and mental alertness while going for his degree.

Like some people; Quinn had to overcome the taste of the sea Karen provides. Watch this entertaining video on how a youngster showed Quinn how to down Karen Phytoplankton with ease.

Quinn Everett – Football Player

The women bodybuilders on Team Sculpt and Team Chisled have discovered the power of Karen Phytoplankton. High quality nutrition is needed for premium digestion, muscle growth, energy, and recovery.

Watch the video and learn more about this up an coming franchise that is designed to get men and women who have fallen behind and need to start their health journey (Team Sculpt) and people who body build as a passion and want to compete. (Team Chiseled)

Team Sculpt and Team Chiseled – Body Builders

“I am a national bikini competitor. I started taking Karen and saw a difference after about a week in. I saw an increase of energy, I sleep better and just feel better overall.”

Angèle Arsenault – National Bikini Competitor

“I am a Men’s physique short competitor. I started Karen Phytoplankton for my first prep for provincials. I started to notice a tremendous change in my sleep patterns. I also suffer from a lot of gastro intestinal issues. Those were actually totally eliminated. I stopped Karen Phytoplankton after my prepping for provincials and all my issues came back. I started taking Karen again during my prep for nationals and my gastro intestinal issues disappeared again. I started sleeping better again, my mental clarity was better and my overall health was just better.”

Adam Hambrook – Men’s Physique Short Competitor