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Exclusive spice of the sea!

Plancton Marino
Plancton Marino

For the Love of Seafood!

Explore the true taste of the sea with our very special culinary phytoplankton.

Plancton Marino is gaining favor from Michelin® five-star chefs around the world as being the newest taste sensation for all seafood, pasta, soups, chowders, and more.

Known as the “Truffle of the sea” or the “Saffron of the sea, chefs are having fun again creating amazing new tastes. If you are a foodie, then you will definitely want to play with the true flavor of the sea.

So simple to use and simple to create with.

The product must first be hydrated with water or a light oil as follows:

1. Pour Plancton Marino Veta La Palma® into a recipient and add water or oil slowly. Stir vigorously until it has a texture similar to honey. This may take a few minutes. If there are any small lumps it has not been stirred long enough.

2. The standard liquid/powder ratio is 25ml of liquid for 10 grams of powder, but we recommend that you change the amount of liquid to get the consistency of the paste desired. Add salt as needed

3. Once hydrated, you are ready to add it to your favorite recipe. It can be kept refrigerated covered with film for 24 hrs.


1. Do not incorporate the product into sauces, gazpachos, fumets, etc. in powder form. Always hydrate the product first as indicated above and use a paste.

2. The hydrated paste can be used raw (without cooking) and can be incorporated directly with the rest of the ingredients used in your recipe.

3. If your recipe calls for cooking the product, incorporate the paste after removing the dish from the heat and never boil it. It will lose its organoleptic properties when it is cooked for more than 2 minutes.

4. We recommend that you only prepare the quantity that you will need; the hydrated product may only be kept refrigerated for 24 hours.

With plancton marino veta la palma®

There Is a Lot of Room for Innovative Applications and Techniques.


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