You call it taking charge of your life. We call it Karen® Phytoplankton

Money Back Guarantee

Our Karen® Tablets (30)

Karen® is also available in tablet form making it easier to take and so convenient for travel. It’s the perfect option for those who have a hard time taking the powder. Individually sealed for freshness.

Karen® Phytoplankton is rich in nutrients like essential vitamins, minerals, amino-acids (all 9 essential proteins!), omega 3 and 6 fatty- acids, antioxidants, B12, Calcium, Magnesium and many more.

Our Karen® Powder (15g)

There are 250,000,000,000 highly nutritious Karen® Phytoplankton plants in just one small scoop provided in our pure powder packages. Taken every day up to twice a day, Karen® can be mixed with water, juice, yogurt, apple sauce, or your favourite smoothie.

Our Karen® Powder (50g)

The same nutritional power as our 15g powder only larger.

Introducing Ageless

Protecting against the aging effects of oxidative stress, Ageless is packed with a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain your youthful health and appearance.

For the first time, the naturally-occurring, plant-based antioxidant “superoxide dismutase” has been specially formulated to unlock its full power.